Company Profile:
About Infoservice:
InfoSERVICE is an Israeli Computers Service & Marketing Company founded in 1996 by Oleg Dolgopolsky and Yakov Rubinshtein.
InfoSERVICE today is a well-established and prestigious company mainly for its professional service, high quality standard emphasis and its continuously growing numbers of clients from various professional business fields and large institutions.
InfoSERVICE specializes in planning and building computer pc�s and computer networks, service and maintenance of communication networks, advising and supplying clients with necessary computer solutions for improving their business and for planning and performing new projects.
InfoSERVICE believes that marketing high standard and quality computers, computer hardware and peripherials are essential for its clients� work in the long run as well.
InfoSERVICE emphasizes highly professional, reliable, personal and immediate service to clients at all times.
InfoSERVICE PC, Notebook & Printers Service Center:
PC, Notebook and printers service center provides service to all clients including checking advising and solving hardware and software problems of pc�s notebooks, monitors, printers and more.
Infoservice PC are based on a wide range of quality hardware, each PC planned and built according to specific client�s needs, each PC is tested individually for quality of hardware and system efficiency.
InfoSERVICE Management:
Oleg Dolgopolsky,,
Computer Engineer (MA), Extensive & wide range technical experience in all computer fields, managing Planning and maintaining communication networks.
InfoSERVICE Consulting and Technical Support:
Consulting to computer specialists and management on a daily basis including extensive knowledge and understanding of the special needs and requirements of the communications network of each client. Infoservice provides individual and immediate consulting at all times and provides updated information on new computer hardware and software solution to help our clients maintain their efficiency and competitive advantage in their field.
Working Hours:
Office :
Su-We 8:00-17:30,
Th 8:00-19:00,
Fr 9:00-13:00.
Service Center :
Su-We 8:00-17:30,
Th 8:00-19:00.
Our address ,telephone ,fax etc. you can see at "Location".

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